Regional Tourism

The Lac-Saint-Jean region is a virtual four-season playground and the Traversée du lac Saint-Jean on bicycle, will provide you with a none-other winter experience, developing and testing your full potential.

Local and Regional Economy

Participants and spectators of the Traversée du lac Saint-Jean on bicycle, generate significantly important revenues to the regional economy.


The success of the Traversée du lac Saint-Jean on bicycle, relies both on political mobilization and supportive community partnerships.

Healthy Lifestyle

A bicycle outing on Lac Saint-Jean requires one to be physically fit, thus encouraging a healthy life style.


MARCH 6 2021

The Crossing of Lake Saint-Jean by bike is back in full force this year! 150 runners will face Lac Saint-Jean to become champion of Quebec by crossing the ice road leading to the Village sur Glace de Roberval. Although the adventure tourist is expected at Lac Saint-Jean, the program will offer families the opportunity to learn about Fatbike.

About us

Swimmers have crossed Lac-Saint Jean each year since 1955. This event is unique for those who wish to cross… on bicycle… and to embrace a frozen Québécois winter on a 32 kilometer linear course of ice and snow.